COMPETITION - It's All in a Name!

Find out how you can NAME A MOOT DESIGN and win your own pair. 

Our handmade lingerie pieces have each been given names.

Right at the very beginning of the design and evaluation process, we just use a descriptive title, 'Small black briefs' or 'Lacy boxers' until we are signing off a pattern and we get a sense of how it feels and what its character could be and at that point we need to give it its own name... we are at that point now! 

We have a new style abut to launch! An easy, light, pretty, little french lace brief with the cutest rouched bum fit and the perfect supportive pouch. It's an everyday knicker, designed for those who use a pouch but who want the delicate aesthetic and feel of a traditional luxurious lace. We are delighted with our new lingerie item, but it doesn't have a name yet - so we're throwing it over to you! 

We are looking for entries on our Instagram post, or a comment here on our blog. Let us know what you think we should call our new knickers and we will select one of them and send the winner their choice of size. 

In order to help you, here's a few of our original designs and the reason that they got their name: 



Who else? The sensational Vivienne Westwood was our inspiration here. We love her lifelong punk attitude and her poise in the face of ridicule by those less imaginative and accepting. 



A controversial and difficult character, the Quentin was named after English ranconteur and gender non-conformist Quentin Crisp. The subject of Sting's song, 'An Englishman in New York', Crisp was wearing nail-polish and dying his hair crimson decades before the world realised he had every right to dress how he wished, and due to his choices he was a frequent target of abuse and violent persecution. We must make it clear that Quentin's views do not align with ours in many respects, but we admire him for his bravery in the face of obscene discrimination over his choices of what to wear. 



An antihero of the 1960s counter-culture era, Steve McQueen, a boy who faced a wholly traumatic and desperate childhood of poverty, abuse, crime and penal sentencing, became Hollywood's most sought-after leading man. He had a reputation for demanding bulk items on his rider from studios who hired him as an actor - items such as belts, electric razors and jeans. It was later discovered that he would donate these to The Boy's Public Reformatory School where he spent his troubled teenage years. 



Bowie's 1970s stage character, Ziggy Stardust - an androgynous hero who is sent to a troubled Earth with a mesage of hope and liberation. 



Josephine Baker was a civil rights activist, a dancer, a French Resistance Agent, a singer and an actress. She was the first black woman to star in a major motion picture and she was one of the most celebrated performers to star in the Folies Bergère, in Paris, her adopted home city. She was a powerhouse of talent, strength, determination, and a spirit to protect others. 


So! What can we add to our list? What name do you want to see in our collection?

We will choose one from comments here, or on our Instagram post and it will remain the name forever! Your choice in our gallery of beautiful designs. 

Comment below, or head to Instagram to enter.  



  • Diane

    The Diva

  • Jim Armstrong

    The EOD (End of Day) collection which would inspire additional pieces.

    Why EOD? When I look at these it makes me want to slip into them after a long day at work. One comes home and wants to be pampered. Starting with a bath, maybe a hint of lavender as it soothes and relaxes one when you soak with your favorite beverage.
    After you get slipping into these makes one feel at ease, heading out to the kitchen to cut up some cheese & vegetables. Warm bread from the oven is out with your favorite toppings. Heading out to the patio to relax with your SO to enjoy the evening.
    Luxurious enough for a women but made for a man

  • Trevor

    Midnight Lace.

  • Tom

    How Bout Raffles, after the immaculately dressed gentleman thief., what better ace to hide one’s jewellery.

  • Vlad

    I think “Astaire” after none other than fancy pants Fred Astaire would be a very apt name for this style!

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