'I am Jules Parker, the man behind Moot. A metalworker with a successful vintage car conservation business, I am the father of three sons who are all homeschooled by my fantastic wife and best friend, Clare. 

Always drawn to the beautifully anarchic side of life, I was a fan of the punk movement in my formative years and have a lingering tendency to want to test some of what we are supposed to blindly accept as the way we have to live our lives. 

Part of creating Moot and designing the pieces in the collection was to satisfy that passion for challenging the status quo. Part of it was to address the missing garments that I was looking for myself - a lover of fabulous underwear, lace, luxurious fabrics and style, I wanted to find fantastic pieces that would fit my body and celebrate the male form in its true honesty. 

I am really proud to have launched Moot, a brand of beautifully made, liberating and empowering underwear for all men who want to have that considered choice available in their life too.'

Jules x