Jules Parker Moot Lingerie for men. Men in heels.

Jules is the owner, creator and designer at Moot. He understands lingerie because he wears it. Everyday. Jules is an ordinary guy who just happens to love the aesthetic and the feel of this underwear. He couldn't find either the quality or the fit that he wanted from what was available, and so he decided to start creating his own brand of beautifully considered lingerie to fit masculine bodies. 

Moot is a very small business. Jules is the CEO, Anna is his daily operations assistant and Lucy joins us once a week to add her lingerie creation skills and marketing knowledge to our meetings. Morgan works remotely on our IT support and SEO and our production takes places in a small female-led unit in Leeds. Everyone involved receives a UK living wage for their work. 



Moot underwear is handmade in England. We are proud of our high production values and UK living wage status. Moot exists to empower people, not to exploit them. We collaborate with UK independent makers and craftspeople wherever possible. 

We work hard to select the right fabrics for each garment, from French heritage lace to gorgeous sustainable dead-stock mesh. Where possible this is selected from UK suppliers, using stock that would have been otherwise wasted, or from high-quality traceable suppliers. 



Moot is FOR EACH and everybody who feels that Moot is right for them. We stand in solidarity with humans, regardless of gender labels or sexuality.  Moot will not discriminate on the grounds of anyone's sexual or gender identity, everyone is equal and everyone is warmly welcomed to Moot.

From Jules:

'I am Jules Parker, the man behind Moot. A metalworker with a successful vintage car conservation business, I am the father of three sons who are all homeschooled by my fantastic wife and best friend, Clare. 

Always drawn to the beautifully anarchic side of life, part of creating Moot and designing the pieces in the collection was to satisfy my passion for challenging the status quo. 

Part of it was to address the missing garments that I was looking for myself - a lover of fabulous underwear, lace, luxurious fabrics and style, I wanted to find fantastic pieces that would fit and celebrate a body like mine.

I am really proud to have launched Moot, a brand of beautifully made, liberating and empowering underwear for people who want to have choices available that are made for their body shapes too.'

Jules x

From the team:

We are a small, but perfectly formed, team based in Forest Row, UK. Working to find our way through advertising censorship, to bring this exciting brand to you! From marketing, photography, sample designs & socials, we do it all in-house, with everyone paid a UK living wage and encouraged to bring our unique skills to the table.

Our humble goal is that Moot is able to offer a new option of well-fitting lingerie that will make the wearer feel empowered and sexy in their choice.