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We Got An Interview with *THE* Magazine for The Lingerie Industry

WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT DESIGNING UNDERWEAR FOR MEN? It’s interesting how there’s this perception that you can just size up a bit from women’s designs and that will be OK for a masculine body. We have spent years, first working with LCE and latterly with the support of Something Wicked and our own in-house lingerie maker, making sure that we have the right lines, the right spacing, the right stitches and seam placements, the right fabrics and anchoring points for a male form. It’s subtle, but it’s very different.

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Your Stories - A Shock and a Surprise.

Here is another account, sent in from a Moot fan who wanted to remain unnamed. The same early realisation that this enjoyable feeling was only available to women and girls.  However, this story has a very different ending and one that we are aware is a very likely outcome. Getting to the point where you cross that 'secret' barrier is the hardest part - but the other side can be a fabulous place to be. 

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Not Your Average Undies!

The Hollywood pieces form the perfect base layer for the guy who doesn’t want everything in life to feel like some sort of preparation for the gym or a hike up a mountain crevass; this is for the guys who love silky straps, golden detailing, soft caresses, gentle fabrics, lifting pouches and the feeling of being all tucked in to your silky soft underlayers. Multidimensional guys. With damn good taste. 

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Your Stories - Joe

It all began when I was around seven or eight years old. I can remember the first time flipping through the Sears Christmas catalog. There was a particular section that I could not stop looking at and had no idea why other than it excited me. The women’s lingerie pages made me think and feel things like never before. Why didn’t they have these things for me? I wonder what it would feel like? Why am I even thinking this? I shouldn’t be thinking this I’m a boy.

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