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And it's sad. Sad because it is clear that while a big part of this is detrimental for our business and for male bodies to know that we are seen as 'dangerous', it's even more depressing to realise that the bigger underlying message here is that women's bodies are seen as objects to be viewed sexually by all of society, at all times, including being blindfolded and handcuffed in shop window displays on the High Street. Where are the community guidelines then?!   

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COMPETITION - It's All in a Name!

We have a new style abut to launch! An easy, light, pretty, little french lace brief with the cutest rouched bum fit and the perfect supportive pouch. It's an everyday knicker, designed for those who use a pouch but who want the delicate aesthetic and feel of a traditional luxurious lace. We are delighted with our new lingerie item, but it doesn't have a name yet - so we're throwing it over to you! 

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Leotards and Bodysuits for Men and Masc Bodies

This is the ultimate sexy leotard for men and bodies needing a pouch fit. If you’re of a certain age, you will understand the name and totally get our inspiration. We wanted to give you a perfectly fitted ‘body’ - one which allows the right space for the shape of your form and still gives a fabulous lift over your hips to recreate the iconic arch which is pure sexiness peeking over the waistband of your favourite jeans. 

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