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Another beautifully brave personal history from a Moot customer. We welcome submissions from anyone who has a story to share. In creating Moot, we aim to share that you are not alone if you love lingerie and have a masculine shape. We exist! Here is a piece of writing from a customer who wanted to share his experience of a life-long love of lingerie. Huge thanks from Moot. 




It would be nice to be normal. Wouldn't it? Or would it? Sometimes I think so, but never for long. My wife says I am incapable of being normal. She says I am pathologically driven to go a different way. She often walks a little behind me in crowd just to watch.  The crowd goes right, without thinking or looking I go left.  It can take me twice as long to get to the right place but, because of it, I get there happy.

My oddness stretches into a number of areas of my life, some more obvious than others.  It's not all without logic, not just to be contrary.  There are often good reasons, or I like to think so.

This is where clothing comes into it, particularly underwear, especially lingerie.

It comes down to choices. Men have so little. Boxers or briefs.  Cotton or microfibre. Women have much more to choose from.  Why don't men get different cuts, different fabrics? Where is the soft lace, silky fabric, pretty adornment, straps, ribbons? Why can't we make choices and have something more than just functional?  Why can't we wear something that makes us feel just a little bit happier, sexier, prettier, comfier, and more special?

I decided that, for me, I could.

It started years ago, as a teenager, I bought my first thong in a department store. It was embarrassing to buy, exciting to wear and then embarrassing to keep at home. I ended up throwing it away just in case someone found it.  I only kept it a few days in the end.  It was a men's cotton thong, nothing too racy but it caught my imagination and I had to get one.

Fast forward a few years and I had a collection of men's thongs.  I enjoyed wearing them most days and loved them in the bedroom.  I also had red marks on my hips where I would buckle my belt in tight so no-one could ever see an accidental whale tail.  Only my partner and I would know they were there and I intended to keep it that way.

These days it's fair to say the tight belt is no more.  Between low cut jeans, leggings, the gym locker room, the hotel pool and the beach I think the thong secret is out.  The lingerie secret is a newer one and that one might not be common knowledge quite yet.  From silk french knickers and camisoles to lace bodywear, stockings and suspenders.  They all have their place for me.  Whether it's a night out, a night in or just a walk to the shops you can be sure I have something nice next to my skin. It may be as simple as a lone g-string or as luxurious as a full matching set, including stockings.  But something silky, lacy, gauzy, stretchy, strappy or slinky will be going on.

Despite how the above may read, I don't find it easy to always go a different way.

I lack the confidence to talk about this openly. I can't share this with anyone but a very select one or two. There are some types of lingerie I am still too self conscious to try. It is all a work in progress, work can be fun though.


  • Jim

    It’s been a long work day or work week. I draw a warm bath with the scent of lavender as it’s calming and fragrant. I relax with an adult beverage then I emerge and slip into something that makes me feel good. Typically I will go and prepare a tray of goodies, cheese, bread and veggies. Then head outside to relax and enjoy this lets me escape from the everyday hassle of work, to wear something pleasurable adds to my oasis.

  • Jim

    When I read thru these comments from many of us, the one common thread was our spouse was very supportive and in between the lines they were completely turned on. So why should we hold back they may be reserved but at the same time they enjoy the ones they love.
    While I enjoy stay ups , the garter belt part is very much part of the equation. They want to be appealing to us and we want them to see us in the same light.

    I just love the floral items, and I think those are super sexy. I want my spouse to see me as desirable as I see her. Maybe we should have matching items my floral matches her floral, his and hers

  • Jim

    The stories are all to familiar, started with the catalogues, why are boys garments tight whites and the women undergarments so appealing. Then my father had Playboy in the house in the 70’s /80’s the ladies in there were always in beautiful lingerie.
    I too bought some and wore them to only throw them away so no one would know. Then Rocky Horror Picture show brought the desire to film, oh WOW!!
    But one must not cross that line what would my friends think?
    I worked in a retail store in the early 80’s and the owners son mandated all employees must dress up for Halloween. Rocky Horror came to mind, so I contacted his mom and got approval, because I knew he would not be please as his regular job was a preacher.
    One of my lady friends owned a beauty shop, we went to school together. She took me shopping, what a fun time in the dressing room, I’m sure the sales lady was happy when we left.
    Corset cream colored, matching lace panties, stockings.
    Halloween day I got up at 5AM took a shower, just got in my robe and drove to her shop. Her and another friend did me all up, giggling and laughing the whole time. They made me feel very comfortable
    I got to work at 8AM my manager was shocked and considered sending me home. But he let me work, the word got out and a lot of regular shoppers came in to see, their daughters giggled
    Needless to say wearing the corset all day felt great.

    My girlfriend at the time was out of town and unaware, when she found out there was a big fight, a few days went by and she asked me to wear it for her. I did and she loved it, we’ve been married almost 39 years.
    From time to time she will ask me to wear lingerie, and I’m glad I found Moot, now I need to get some pieces and surprise her

  • Moot Lingerie

    What a wonderful story to add to this thread. So good to read that you are being your authentic self and that you have found a partner who just accepts you as you are!

  • Jon

    Your story resonated with me and I have had similar feelings about this subject. Like you my love of lingerie started young. I loved looking through the catalogues my family used to have, with great focus on the lingerie pages full of beautiful girls wearing beautiful underwear. My feelings were mixed and somewhat confused in that I fancied the girls but also imagined myself wearing the lingerie they were dressed in. I progressed from this to occasionally trying on my older sister’s knickers, which always gave me a great thrill followed by feelings of guilt and confusion. I questioned myself as to whether my urge to wear lingerie meant I was gay, which I never felt was the case but wondered if my unusual habit was an inner signal. Over time my curiosity about lingerie grew stronger and eventually I plucked up the courage to buy some knickers of my own from a department store, which, like in your story, I was embarrassed to purchase and then threw away after a few weeks because of the shame I felt. This type of process continued in cycles over the years, with many purchases and purges of lingerie pieces and long periods of attempted denial and resistance of my desire to dress up in silk, satin or lacy underwear. When I married I secretively tried on my wife’s underwear but was never tempted to buy my own because of the feeling of fear if she found out. I lived this way for many years but never lost my feelings of frustration that I had to hide my true self. When that marriage eventually ended I was suddenly free to buy and wear anything I wanted, albeit I still kept my lingerie wearing as a personal secret. Eventually I met someone else who became a serious partner. I decided that if I was going to stay with her then I wanted to share my secret so my future wouldn’t include all of my previous frustrations. Gradually over time I hinted about my desire to try different underwear and eventually found the courage to allow her to see me wearing a pair of lace knickers. To my delight she wasn’t judgemental or dismissive about the sight of me wearing women’s underwear. For the first time in my life I was wearing the underwear I wanted without being secretive or feeling shameful and guilty. Things have progressed from that point. Gradually I felt comfortable enough to introduce other items of lingerie which, similarly, she made me feel was ok for me to wear. I am now married again and have an amazing wife. I have my own dedicated lingerie drawer full of all types of lingerie. I don’t wear lingerie all of the time but now I dress up in panties, stockings and suspenders, basques, etc. whenever I want. My wife seems to enjoy my unusual underwear choices and even asks me to wear lingerie if I haven’t for a while. I feel lucky that I have found a supportive partner and that I can openly enjoy my love of lingerie.

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