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Why Wild Swimming is not so far from the Moot Experience

With Moot, we can trace a similar psychological benefit pattern for many of our customers who write to us and tell us about how they found us and what becoming a Moot wearer has given to them. Like cold open water swimming, it is hard to get in. It takes a bit of bravery. It is not easy to turn away from the comfort of a 'vanilla' unquestioning existence, where you are never going to raise an eyebrow of judgement. It requires a bit of steel. 

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What is Gender Non-Conforming?

Moot is gender non-conforming because we wholly reject the idea that any assigned or accepted gender should prevent a human from having the freedom to choose the fabric and style that they wish to wear. We will not conform with a ‘rule’ that we must wear boxers or briefs, and they must be cotton and 'manly' and have big elastic logos with SPORTS words and they must be in neutral colours only. Blurgh. We will not conform. 

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Where do Men Get the Confidence to Wear Lingerie?

Are you waiting for a ‘green light moment’? For someone in your life to give you the go-ahead to buy something truly exciting? To wear Moot? Do you look at other people who are free to wear this gorgeous stuff and think that you are somehow different? That your life can never be like theirs? Do you see and hear Jules and think that it’s OK for him, he has a special pass to access this underwear and you'll never get your own pass? Read on...

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