Getting 'Caught' Wearing Lingerie - True Story

A while ago we asked if anyone wanted to share their lingerie wearing experiences, both good and bad. 

We have kept a folder of these fabulously brave offerings and every now and again, we post one up on our blog. In sharing your stories, we hope that you will see that you are not alone, you're not wrong, you're not bad, you're just a fan of something beautiful and it can be a positive part of your life. 

We also understand that it is a REALLY hard subject to talk about. You're probably not going to discuss lingerie at work, or even with your closest friends. That is why we want to encourage the sharing here, in a safe space where others can comment if they can relate! If you want to tell us your story, just email us at  - There is power in community and we can create ours here. 


Here's another Moot customer story: 


'I read Joe's story and mine started in a very similar way. From a young age I’d liked to wear my mums tights and loved the way they felt when wearing them. As I got older the desire to wear “unconventional underwear” never left me and I dipped in and out of various girl friends knicker drawers but I never had the courage to let anyone know.

If I'm honest the thought of such a thing being made public terrifies me. Any hoo, who’s business is it what I wear under my jeans and tee shirt? I’ve never asked any of my mates what underwear they have on😁

So I made sure I kept my secret safe until very recently, and this is going to sound like a 1970’s comedy sketch...

Not so long ago I found myself rummaging round my wife’s underwear and I found a lacey all-in-one body suit. I thought I’d give it a go and changed into it. Low and behold it looked really good and felt fantastic (although a little small!).

There I was in our bedroom admiring myself in the mirror when my wife who had been sleeping under the covers popped up and stared straight at me.

I was mortified and don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed 😳 in my life, and I can tell you straight, I’ve been in some embarrassing situations.
However, rather than freak out my wife asked quite calmly “what are you wearing? Let me see”.

After my shock at being caught subsided, we spoke about my love of lingerie and she really got into the idea.

Whilst my secret remains a secret between my wife and I, it really has been a revelation, and is now something we share together and enjoy without embarrassment.'



We love this! What a relief, and how liberating, to get through the barrier and into a great place where you can share your lingerie love with the person you love. 

Sometimes the best things come as a result of the barriers that look the hardest from the other side. 


  • Jamie

    very lucky man. I hope she has now bought you some lovely gear and makes you wear it for her pleasure.

  • Rain

    Thank you. Your wife’s mindset is on the next level, lucky man.

  • amanda yorke

    as a bi sexual cross dresser some men look amazing in lingerie

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