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Why Wild Swimming is not so far from the Moot Experience

With Moot, we can trace a similar psychological benefit pattern for many of our customers who write to us and tell us about how they found us and what becoming a Moot wearer has given to them. Like cold open water swimming, it is hard to get in. It takes a bit of bravery. It is not easy to turn away from the comfort of a 'vanilla' unquestioning existence, where you are never going to raise an eyebrow of judgement. It requires a bit of steel. 

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Please Yourself! With our BRAND NEW Sensual Ceramic Playthings...

Made from clay and glazed in rich tonal layers, these plugs and dildos are handmade pieces of art, crafted by a talented potter right here in the UK.  Whilst these objects of desire would not look out of place sitting on display as a erotic art piece that hints towards your naughtier side, they are also carefully designed erotic toys, made to penetrate the the anus, stimulate the prostate & provide an enjoyable feeling of fullness for the wearer. 

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Becoming Kinky

Owning your Kink.  We feel a little bit like we have been poised for a battle since we launched Moot in 2020. We had our initial high excitement swiftly battered by our instant troubles with advertising on social media and ever since, we have been vigorously defending our right to be seen and our position as a creator of, simply, a different choice of underwear for men. It was, however, a moment on a journalists’ and entrepreneurs’ forum group that led us to have a bloody good think about what we were. The journalists were filled with admiration for our creative underwear designs and the ethos behind Moot, but one theme was coming out loud and clear - don’t pretend...

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