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Am I a Cross-Dresser?

A blog on men’s lingerie that we read during some research time at work a couple of weeks ago, struck a tricky chord for me and made me look at everything I have been doing in a whole new light. Have I completely missed the point here? Have I failed to be as deeply honest as I could be with myself, and with my customers? And have I misunderstood most of the emotional draw for the guys who want to buy lingerie? 

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Getting 'Caught' Wearing Lingerie - True Story

If I'm honest the thought of such a thing being made public terrifies me. Any hoo, who’s business is it what I wear under my jeans and tee shirt? I’ve never asked any of my mates what underwear they have on. So, I made sure I kept my secret safe until very recently, and this is going to sound like a 1970’s comedy sketch...

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Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves

It’s been a very interesting thing to witness - the growing number of women who are finding Moot and ordering our beautiful lingerie for men. It would seem that around three quarters of our sales are driven by women at the moment.  We are always delighted when we see an order come through, in the way that small businesses notice each and every sale and still handwrite a message on every packing slip. We check our phones for new orders at night time and sneak looks when we are supposed to be on woodland walks with the kids. We love hearing from our customers regardless of gender, fullstop.  But we were excited when we had our first order from a...

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