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Suspenders for Men or Corsets for Men - What is it?

The Westwood was designed when we realised that there was an enormous difficulty in keeping a suspender belt sitting in the right place on a masculine form. It felt so disappointing that the funky feeling of wearing stockings and suspenders, which is a feeling unknown to the vast majority of men, is immediately lost as you realise that nothing will stay in place.

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Why Moot?

A British made brand, luxury without compromise - the fit that you deserve and the designer who understands that this is for any man, without judgment or need to justify. Women have the ability to select from a myriad of outlets in order to dress themselves up, to empower their beauty, to feel luxurious and sensual or smart and beautiful; Jules wants a world where there is equity of experience, if a man wants to make this choice, he has the ability to.

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The Making of Moot.

All the pieces in the Moot collection are designed and made in The UK. They started life as beautiful drawings in Jules’ Sussex home and were eventually realised in Yorkshire, which has long been the county at heart of the British textile industry. The perfect materials for each garment were chosen in order to ensure that the feel, fit and required strength would be just right. Jules travelled just over the English Channel to Calais, the centre of the lace-making tradition in France, and was blown away by the beauty and the pride in the craftsmanship at the factories still using the antique mechanical processes to produce lace of exceptional beauty and quality. As a metalworker, Jules was as mesmerised...

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