Why Moot?




subject to debate - "a moot point"

2. having little or no practical relevance,

"the whole matter is becoming increasingly moot"


raise (a question or topic) for discussion; suggest (an idea or possibility).

Our name was chosen not only because it’s a great word but also because it hints at what Julian thinks about wearing lingerie; it’s simply a choice of material and cut. In a way it has no more of a bearing on the rest of your life than your choice of shirt or socks. It shouldn’t be what defines you. It should not be troubling or ‘odd’ to have your own choice of whatever underwear you prefer. If you want boxer shorts, great! You have hundreds of places to buy what you like.

If you prefer lace, tulle, ribbon, tantalizing mesh - your options were previously limited to items made cheaply and churned out giving a slightly sad feeling of compromise when you received your order.

Moot is here to end that.

A British made brand, luxury without compromise - the fit that you deserve and the designer who understands that this is for any man, without judgment or need to justify. Women have the ability to select from a myriad of outlets in order to dress themselves up, to empower their beauty, to feel luxurious and sensual or smart and beautiful; Jules wants a world where there is equity of experience, if a man wants to make this choice, he has the ability to.

As Jules says, ‘Let’s not get this out of context. We are talking about a bit of fabric. If we are going to look at each other and judge each other on fabric - where are we going to draw the line?’

It’s Moot.

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  • Stephen

    I enjoy dressing in femamin underwear it sexy and comfy and it turns my wife on our sex life is fantastic

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