What is Gender Non-Conforming?

It may seem an odd way round to do things, perhaps?

To work out what label you are going to apply to what you are doing, after you have started doing it - but that is kind of how we are at the point where we can describe Moot as Gender non-conforming. 

What this term means, what it relates to, is any behaviour which doesn’t adhere to the gender norms of society -  also to the expression, presentation, expectations and roles that are seen as the expected norms. The silent rules that stop boys from being encouraged to wear flowing sweeps of fabric and keep girls from joining motor sports in equal numbers. 

We have been discussing this for such a long time at Moot. What exactly are we? Firstly, we know what we are not. We are not designers specifically for crossdressers, and / or for trans people. We support everyone choosing EXACTLY what they wish to wear (as long as it causes no harm), and we welcome all genders and choices (a shout out to here to Hannah McKight’s T Girls who have given us great support) but we don’t create styles that are designed hide penises and testicles and that can be a big part of what some people want and indeed,  need. We cannot claim that. There is a really well known brand, X-Dress, who do create the more decorative, pretty, and what could be described as ‘more traditionally feminine’ styles that are searched for.  

And although we do make underwear to celebrate the male form, we are not heavily macho, or butch either. We don’t do leather, metal, studs, chains, harnesses, cages - we have seen some fantastic creators of these styles, have a look at Charm Skool, but we are not quite in the same style and zone as these makers and their underwear vibe. We love it though. Keep on. 

Moot is something a bit more subtle. It’s not a choice that links with any particular scene. We make for bodies that have penises and testicles (generally, but not limited to) and without breasts (generally, but not limited to) and we make gorgeous pieces that celebrate these forms and make you feel totally amazing. We use the language of lingerie; the sensation of satin strapping, golden sliders to adjust, little clips to hold you in place, lace, mesh, tulle - we use the fabrics that stretch, glide, pad out, peep, hide, become sheer - and we cut and sew them into shapes that make bodies look and feel magnificent. 

We make underwear worn by any man you might see out and about anywhere. You have no idea who shops with us, what they do in life and how they might seen - and neither do we! 

What we do know is that there has been a long time where the choices for men were extremely limited and to deviate from the ‘acceptable’ was to expose yourself as a ‘deviant’. Exactly that. 

Moot is gender non-conforming because we wholly reject the idea that any assigned or accepted gender should prevent a human from having the freedom to choose the fabric and style that they wish to wear. We will not conform with a ‘rule’ that we must wear boxers or briefs and they must be cotton and manly and have big elastic logos with SPORTS words and they must be in neutral colours only. Blurgh. We will not conform. 

While we are thinking about non-conformers, can we just point you in the direction of the blast of life that is Syro - after a very long search for footwear that wasn’t also achingly dull by gender expectation and control, we came across this gem. And ordered. And are in love with the boots, the attitude, the merch and the vibe. Another total non-conformer. Subverting Systems. 

We are here for it! Jules sometimes wears bright red heels to fill the car up. And?

Get out, we say, and non-conform to your heart’s content. 

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