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Crown Jules - Pearl

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The Crown Jules Collection is made up of beautiful, decadent pieces that fall between lingerie, erotic accessory & body jewellery. Pearl features tactile, weighty pearls decorating the front frame, and continuing through the thong and ring, one large pearl rests in a tantalising position to the rear.  Beautifully packaged in a presentation box, with ‘how to wear’ guide and perfect for gifting.

See the full Crown Jules collection here. Including the Deco, Pearl, Monroe, Italian & Pride styles.

The Crown Jules come as one adjustable size, and fit between a 30” and 40” waist - please get in touch if you require a size out of this range.

All Moot pieces are handmade in the UK by skilled makers, with every person in our chain paid a full UK living wage.

Customer Reviews

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Scott L
Love my Crown Jules

They are fun, and very sexy when on. Shows of the bits nicely. My only quibbles are: there is nothing to keep the closure in the back for the pearl string from scratching the skin, especially when lying down (some sort of cloth cover might fix this?), and it would be nice if the pearl string could be opened to reset where the large pearl is in the line, since not everyone's perineum is the same length. The big pearl does feel good when it is positioned properly.

Thank you for this review - I will definitely share your feedback with the little team and we will see what could be done. We have to make sure we have as much strength in the lasso thong as possible and we played around with different attachments etc until we knew it could go out and we were sure it would not be breaking on people in their happiest moments! we will have a think though, thank you!

Tall Pacer
High Quality - Looks Great

The Crown Jules is a beautiful piece of lingerie. It is high quality, finely made and looks great on.

This is the perfect piece to wear for a special night with that special someone!

You will love it….

It just works

Very clever piece. Everything sits exactly where it should - even that big pearl! Nicely made as always.