Not Your Average Undies!

Last week we launched our new collection of pieces making up the capsule Hollywood Range. 

We have created this beautifully elegant daily range because so many of you fell totally in love with the feel that you got from your original Hollywood briefs and Hollywood Nights. 

The fabric that we use is an extraordinarily wonderful combination of sheer, stretch and breathability. It is light but supportive and the way that it moves from opaque to semi-translucent as it wraps, so comfortably, around your contours is just delicious. 

We buy this fabric from an Italian company who post it over to our Leeds sewing room to be hand cut and crafted into these pieces for you.  A sensational European fabric, made into beautifully British underwear. Don’t forget that we are committed to ensuring that we are creating not only the most beautiful underwear we can design, but also to take the most socially responsible route to creating it; living wages and good working conditions for everyone involved. 

We know that this range is a little shift away from our straps and lace and suspenders, but we also know it's definitely not your average undies.

Here's why the Hollywood Collection is such a great addition and the answers to a few of the questions that you may have been quietly pondering...

Why so Simple?

We wanted to offer an alternative design feel to our original lingerie pieces, one that would sit in your collections with the same pride of place, but would offer you slightly different sensations as a wearer. This collection is all about stylish comfort. We have aimed to remove as many seams as possible and to give you that ‘second skin’ sensation. We know we have achieved this when we see people trying on pieces from the range and instantly caressing their own bodies! It’s unstoppable! The softness of the fabric stretching over you with barely a difference in contour to your own body, makes you want to feel your new self, you may need an extra 5 minutes dressing time! We have given the two vest tops a longer line than standard; we wanted to make sure that even taller men would be able to tuck them into waistbands and not have them riding up all day. 

Why all Black?

Our first Hollywood and Hollywood Nights sold out in black before any other colour. Way before. The classic lingerie colour is the one that you love the most and so it’s what we have launched with in order to be as sustainable as we can be. We do not want to ever create too much and to be adding to a situation creating waste - we are hand-making precious pieces, made with love and real focus and we need to know that what we are putting out into the world is what the world wants and will use over and over. Our Moot customers do favour black, so we are starting there. 

Why be Mainstream? 

We do not think these designs are ANYTHING like the mainstream underwear you will find in the High Street. We have a brief shape, a thong shape and an ‘almost’ boxer shape, but the cut of the design and the feel of the material are worlds apart. Have a zoom in on the pictures on the website and see how the fabric gives you glimpses of shapes, it’s almost not there even though it is. It’s a supremely comfortable, and yet still sassily sexy choice. 



The Hollywood pieces form the perfect base layer for the guy who doesn’t want everything in life to feel like some sort of preparation for the gym or a hike up a mountain crevass; this is for the guys who love silky straps, golden detailing, soft caresses, gentle fabrics, lifting pouches and the feeling of being all tucked in to your silky soft underlayers. Multidimensional guys.


With damn good taste. 

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