Lacy Boxers - The Parisian

To bring a real diversity to our range and to create something of a starting point for men who were wanting to take a step into a different choice, or for other we asked ourselves what we could do to put a Moot stamp on a pair of boxers. How could we bring the ordinary into the realm of the beautiful and sensual? The Parisian started to take shape. 

We had to make them generously, the fall and the pleats of lace around your waist were really important tactile elements. We also wanted to include the pouch at the front, both for support and to present you well, and we had to get the right tension in the underneath seam to the rear so you would have an awareness of it, rather like wearing a thong. The thong sensation with the boxer aesthestic, a pretty clever little bit of underwear engineering. 

They’re a classic and elegant piece and our customers love them.  The Parisian is the perfect step into lingerie for men, or, they are the perfect femme feel for those who love their lace lingerie and need the space up front. 

If you want seriously sexy boxers, or fantastic French knickers, start with the Parisian. 

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