Suspenders for Men or Corsets for Men - What is it?

The Westwood was designed when we realised that there was an enormous difficulty in keeping a suspender belt sitting in the right place on a masculine form. It felt so disappointing that the funky feeling of wearing stockings and suspenders, which is a feeling unknown to the vast majority of men, is immediately lost as you realise that nothing will stay in place.

Being basically ‘hipless’ means that we needed a garment which is full enough to provide an anchor for the tension in the stockings, but subtle enough not to be a full corset. The Westwood is designed to be more comfortable than a corset, so that it can be worn all day.

The fantastic thing about the removal briefs means that you can unclip to access all areas and still keep the suspender belt and stockings on. It is such a fabulous piece to wear, you feel like an absolute god.  

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