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And it's sad. Sad because it is clear that while a big part of this is detrimental for our business and for male bodies to know that we are seen as 'dangerous', it's even more depressing to realise that the bigger underlying message here is that women's bodies are seen as objects to be viewed sexually by all of society, at all times, including being blindfolded and handcuffed in shop window displays on the High Street. Where are the community guidelines then?!   

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Authenticity and Automobiles

Let's talk about having the confidence to be authentically yourself, when the rest of the world does something different to you.  Who can manage this? How did they get the confidence in the first place? What effect does this confidence have on others around them? and how you can take some small steps towards feeling more confident in your choices?

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Am I a Cross-Dresser?

A blog on men’s lingerie that we read during some research time at work a couple of weeks ago, struck a tricky chord for me and made me look at everything I have been doing in a whole new light. Have I completely missed the point here? Have I failed to be as deeply honest as I could be with myself, and with my customers? And have I misunderstood most of the emotional draw for the guys who want to buy lingerie? 

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COMPETITION - It's All in a Name!

We have a new style abut to launch! An easy, light, pretty, little french lace brief with the cutest rouched bum fit and the perfect supportive pouch. It's an everyday knicker, designed for those who use a pouch but who want the delicate aesthetic and feel of a traditional luxurious lace. We are delighted with our new lingerie item, but it doesn't have a name yet - so we're throwing it over to you! 

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Getting 'Caught' Wearing Lingerie - True Story

If I'm honest the thought of such a thing being made public terrifies me. Any hoo, who’s business is it what I wear under my jeans and tee shirt? I’ve never asked any of my mates what underwear they have on. So, I made sure I kept my secret safe until very recently, and this is going to sound like a 1970’s comedy sketch...

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