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We thought we would have a little look into the depths of the Internet to see what has been said about us. A little semi-narcissistic glance into the digital looking glass. 

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to tell more of the world about our men’s lingerie, and occasionally feel a bit held back by the strict restrictions on underwear ads, but instead of wallowing, we had a think back to everything we have done in the past couple of years and quick peek at Google helped us to see that we are being talked about, left, right and centre! 

Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite bits of Press Attention, where we boldly head out to tell the world that men can also wear what they want -

you can click on any of the links to see the article, podcast or video clip. 

  • We had a call from California one day, and a request to come and film an official 60 Second Documentary about us! 6 Hours filming and 60 seconds of us... The Lingerie Revolution For Men


  • And we were picked up and mentioned by ‘Dave and Chuck the Freak’ on the popular Boston morning Radio show, Rocks 929  We also had a brilliant write up from Hannah McKnight who has a hugely successful blog offering style advice and resources for her scene of transgender and cross-dressing fashion fans. 

  • BBC Radio 4s consumer affairs programme, You and Yours, then called us to see if we wanted to talk about the way we have been repeatedly banned and blocked from social media adverts, BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours, Men's Underwear

  • British TV managed to see not only Jules, but also a rare glimpse of his wife Clare too! They went to Liverpool together and were guests on Channel 4s Daytime Magazine style talk show, Steff’s Packed Lunch 

  • We probably raised a few eyebrows, that are more used to plumbing pipework or plastic homeware moulding, when we went into the manufacturing news from the professional organisation, Made in Britain but we have had an incredible welcome from them and all the companies proudly under their umbrella. 

  • And last, but not least, Moot’s Anna had a visit from TV and Broadcasting Super Star, Stacey Dooley, who came to make an episode of her ‘Fresh Starts’ podcast for BBC Sounds all about Anna’s career switch from 23 years as a teacher, to launching Moot with Jules. Listen to that here: Stacey Dooley - Anna: Saying 'knickers' to convention

Not a bad round-up for a small, handmade lingerie company. We are feeling pretty proud and would love to hear which of these press pieces you have enjoyed the most.  Let us know

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  • Anonymous

    Good work Moot! I’ve had a listen to some of these articles. I’ve listened to the Lingerie Lowdown and appreciated what you mentioned, Jules during the interview with Sophia. I recall her saying that Moot was the first interview of which a man was being interviewed and she was really interested in what you were saying.

    I also listened to the podcast of which Anna was interviewed with Stacey Dooley and she went to visit her and got to know what she did. I also loved the part where she went to visit with Moot HQ and had a look at some of the pieces.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and continue to challenge censorship with certain agencies that are trying to silence you.

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