Our Underwear is Handmade Underwear

Moot is handmade. This means that each piece is cut from the fabric, sewn and finished by the same seamstress. There are no production lines or automated robot processes. You will possibly be able to spot this, if you have a really good look at your Moot garments, there are tiny signs that a human created your underwear.

It is important to us that traditional skills are supported and rewarded. We have a higher production cost, in the knowledge that we are supporting another small business, paying a living UK wage to people who are skilled workers. We work together with our 'big sister' brand, the sensational bespoke women's lingerie company, Something Wicked. They have been instrumental in providing support to Jules in the development and production of our pieces. 

We believe that there is a pride and a beauty in this that will set us apart from mass-produced underwear. The experience of wearing Moot is not only the feel of gorgeous fabrics, brilliantly tailored to enhance all that is you, but it is also underpinned in the knowledge that you are backing exploitation-free workplaces and small, traditional, family businesses. 


With the Pearl Wilde  and with the Crown Jules Collection, we have collaborated with Paisley, founder of independent jewellery workshop, @MourningAsssembly 

Paisley hand-threads the pearly jewels which are all supplied and made in the UK with beautiful details to finish our fantastic beaded items.