The Sheer Wilde Story

The Wilde range are, indeed, our wildest designs. They are the open fronted pairs, designed to be part of your full ‘peacock strut’. The Sheer Wilde was born of an idea that Jules had to take the suspender aesthetic and create a brief that echoed it, making the suspender part hold the knickers in place so that the briefs are hung around you, suspended by the belt. There’s an intimate interplay here and also in the cross-over section underneath you, where the front panels sweep under and link to the opposite bottom cheek, giving you a fabulous sensation when you move; a heightened awareness of your beautiful underwear. 

They are fabulously arousing to wear. Plus the rear is accessible, the panels overlap gently, but can be opened with ease.

In front, the delicate ‘pearl’ detail hangs tantilisingly and softens the scene when everything is pushing forth; each jewel is made in England, designed and hand-threaded by an independent jewellery designer in Bristol, Mourning Assembly, who was thrilled to collaborate with us.