The Floral Josephine Story

The Josephine began life as a series of strips of blue tape painstakingly applied to our resident mannequin, Brad. We played about with the lines for so long. Days of standing back and pondering, sudden flashes of inspiration and moves of tape. We wanted to make a truly classic suspender piece that used the over-shoulder straps as the anchoring for the tension into the stockings. It needed to be cut for a broader shape without hips. It didn’t need to include cups but it did need to frame the chest and celebrate that symmetry and strength. We scanned hundreds of bolts of lace and mesh to find one that sung out to us. Moot is about luxury, it’s about allowing yourself to be the peacock for parts of your life and these embroidery threads in purple, teal, orange and gold were exactly what we imagined the Josephine to be. The bodysuit is designed to be worn with, or without briefs, as you wish.

Three matching styles of brief are available to compliment the Floral Josephine.

Alternatively, the Cameo ‘blackout’ pouch is the perfect partner if you are wearing it anywhere where a bit of discretion may be needed.