Our Story and Our Future

 Moot Team - Right to left - Jules, Clare, Anna, Morgan & Model, Gley.

Moot began a good few years ago when Jules realised that he just could not find what he was looking for. If men wanted to have any non-boxer underwear as an option, the choices were limited to cheap, synthetic, novelty tat which was little more than a joke, or, to buy the larger sizes of women's lingerie which is not cut to fit the contours of a masculine form and not what he wanted to wear in any case. There would be baggy bits where you don't have curves and horribly squashed bits where you had to stuff away your body rather than celebrate it. 


With the support of Clare, his wife, and a few close friends with whom he shared his vision, Jules got to work in any spare time learning about underwear design and the processes involved in designing and creating real pieces. At first he travelled to London to seek help from countour specialists there, but after a chance meeting with Steff from Something Wicked at a lingerie exposition in Paris, the sewing of Moot pieces moved up to Yorkshire and into the expert hands of the small team there. 

 We love the fact that our pieces are made in England by people being paid a living UK wage, that the fabrics are from a father and son team in Nottingham, and that Jules picked the beautiful heritage lace after being blown away by a trip to Calais. It seems that Moot has got it all sorted! What you thankfully won't see are all the frustrating bits over the past 5 years where Jules has had to fit launching an underwear start up into the stolen after-work moments and weekends.

Moot is a wonderfully exciting, yet challenging, brand to launch - it is not ordinary. It has been welcomed with such joy and positivity on one hand, and with a brick wall in some spaces. We are not, for instance, allowed to advertise on Facebook, a major platform for small business. We have had all of our ads refused, even the wholly innocuous 'just a logo' ones, as we are deemed to have too much 'sexual content' - this is a tricky one for underwear brands to get around, but what is frustrating for us, is that female lingerie brands are advertising with them and using very revealing images left, right and centre, yet we are banned.

Equality has yet to reach the world of underwear and we are ready to push to bring the changes that make the world a better place, one tiny element at a time.  

Still, we feel that the acceptance of a different shape of underwear for men is not too much to deal with - it is simply material, simply design. If you are defined, or you are going to define others by the knickers they wear, then what an odd way to exist!

We hope that Moot is able to open up a new choice to people, that is all. There will be people who love what we are doing and, we know, also those for whom it isn't their thing - we welcome ALL of the people who want to explore a beautiful new option and we promise to keep trying to juggle this to make an underwear choice both a wonderful thing and an insignificant thing.