The Hollywood Story

Hollywoods -

We wanted to create a style that was fun and bright, an extremely comfortable brief that would be just big enough to hold you, in a material compliant enough to stretch to fit, but transparent enough to be verging on the see-through; the material choice was crucial, we kept searching until we found this sensationally sheer microfibre. 

The first incarnation of the Hollywoods had tie sides and were based around a classic bikini bottom. We loved them, but we realised that getting the knot centered and having to keep readjusting the tension would be a drawback that would outweigh the benefits.

We redesigned them with adjustable straps but kept to the principle of working out how small we could go, whilst still being a proper pair of knickers and not just a string. We kept pulling it in; ‘reduce, reduce’ became our motto. There was so much work on just the edging details to ensure they would not gap - they always had to fit properly. We managed to get there in the end, they don't slip, they are super comfortable and cute and they are fully adjustable so that they fit all waist sizes. Our Hollywoods were called the ‘Daily Grind’ for a long time when they were in pre-production, it was a bit of a joke, but there was a reason, we saw them as your perfect ‘go-to’ daily pair of knickers. 

London Nights - With the Nights, we have just sexed it up a bit! The Hollywoods were a little bit ‘daytime’ for some of our customers and so to add that little bit of kink we created the detail at the back and added the London Nights to our collection. The exact same super soft sheer material, the perfect fit with adjustable strapping and available in the same classic colours.