Fishnet suspender tights strip panty men in suspenders sexy nylons for men by Moot Lingerie for men
Fishnet and floral suspender tights worn by a man, moot lingerie for men.
women climbing elegant staircase wearing nothing but high heels and black suspender tights. Lace detail. Stocked by Moot lingerie for men.
Fishnet and Floral Suspender Tights
Woman on curved staircase wearing heels and lacy black suspender tights. Men who love nylons, Moot lingerie.
lovely curvy bottom in black suspender tights with lace panels. Perfect for men who love wearing sexy nylons. Stocked by Moot lingerie for men.
man in sexy lacy fishnet suspender tights covering genitals with hands erotic sexy lingerie for men by Moot Lingerie for men
mans feet in sexy nylon fishnet tights lacy floral nylons with feet close up of feet in sexy tights mens lingerie by Moot Lingerie
sexy men in tights, nylon loving men, fishnet tights on man suspender tights for him. Sexy lingerie from Moot Lingerie for men.

Fishnet and Floral Suspender Tights

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An amazing combination in these gorgeous suspender tights from the naughty hosiery brand Shirley of Hollywood.

Roses around your waist, your thighs and over your feet, and the classic sexy fishnet for the long stretch of your leg. These have got a multi-strand drop that echoes the retro clips of pin up lingerie styles without any of the fiddly bits! Really soft, really easy to wear and utterly sensational. 


One size fits heights up to 6’3” as pictured here - although they will stretch for bodies wider than Jules, the fit may be affected. 

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Poor packaging ?

This item was a gift for a friend so I can't comment on the quality or the fit. I was pleased it arrived wrapped in good tissue paper but when it was opened in my presence, the box was illustrated with a female model wearing them! I think it would have been better to repackage them in line with the Moot website.

Hi Ann, We totally understand your point and it is one that we would love to not have to face! The tricky thing for us is that there are absolutely no B2B suppliers who produce great legwear with men as the target market, so we select products, test them for fit, re shoot our pics for the website and make sure that they work well. There are no UK hosiery manufacturers for us to go to, and we are a long way off being able to budget to create all our own secondary packaging (meaning that we would have to discard the primary packaging which creates such a lot of waste) We will always remove a packing sleeve where it still means the product is protected, and wrap in our tissue paper. We include a postcard which explains that we don't (yet!) have our own Moot hosiery production but that we are trying our hardest to create a climate where it will be easier for men to see themselves represented and valued as customers who sometimes might also want to wear tights and stockings! Anyway, thank you for your order and we really hope that the packaging disappointment was short-lived.