Our Ethos

There is a simple and very strong ethos behind all stages of production and design at Moot - there is a fair price for everything. 

We do not seek to cut corners because we know that someone will suffer, somewhere along the chain. We pair fair prices for materials that we know to be responsibly created and sold by family businesses. We use a small team of seamstresses in Yorkshire who are paid a living UK wage. 

We know that when you dress yourself in Moot, it is a beautiful and personal experience. It cannot be fully realised if you are dressing yourself in garments churned out by people struggling in poor conditions, being abused by wealthy coorporations. There cannot be happiness and joy built into in those items.

We want everyone in the little Moot chain to feel happy and supported and to know that as we grow, they will grow. We are committed to creating beauty on the outside but driven by what we believe to be the beauty in our ethos. 

We are proudly not the cheapest.