How to Care for Your Moot Underwear

Your Moot underwear is handmade. Each piece is cut and sewn by an expert seamstress in Yorkshire. The beauty of handmade pieces is shown in tiny organic elements where you may be able to see that a human, not a production line, has sewn the elastic or added the pearl. 

This delicate craftsmanship means that you need to give your pieces a little more care than you would show to a daggy old pair of boxers. 

We recommend that you hand wash your Moot items in cool water and that you dry them carefully without using a tumble dryer and without wringing them. 

If you really are unable to handwash, then you must use a laundry bag to protect them while washing, on the very gentlest handwash programme on your machine. 

Looking after your Moot pieces will make sure that they stay in top shape to keep you looking gorgeous in return.