About Us

We are a really small team at Moot. There's Jules (in the lingerie) designing and whizzing up and down the M1 every now and again to go and see the sewing team. The sewing all happens in an original mill building in Leeds, led by Steff who has a small team of experts hand-making each piece separately from start to finish. Steff's team make beautiful women's lingerie for their own collection, Something Wicked.  We have our own amazing prototype seamstress, Lucy, who comes and works with us once a week bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm about all things sensual and lingerie-based, she is the designer and maker of her own range, Lae Studio Lingerie. 

Back at our rural headquarters in Sussex, Anna (red headband) will take your orders, pack your items, book the DHL pick ups or even just pop down to the village post office to send out your Royal Mail orders. It's Anna who will send you an e-mail if you're one of our wonderful subscribers, and she will also be the person behind the Instagram posts, press releases, and anything else written on the website. 

We have built our own website (thank goodness that we had a young whipper-snapper tech person, Morgan (left of Anna) who was cleaning the offices until we realised what skills he had on a Mac) we made our office into a studio for the recent photoshoot and we came up with all the ideas and props for the styling of the images using things we had around the house, or borrowed from friends. 

We launched in March 2020 and although the timing was about as globally dreadful and we could have imagined, we have managed to survive our beginning through the strangest of times. We were very quickly picked up by The Observer when the Guardian's deputy fashion editor, Pryia Elan, wrote about us in the weekend newspapers.

We are committed to keeping Moot fresh, to evolving and adding to our collection. We want to hear from you so that we know what you love wearing, what you want to see next, and how Moot can be the brand that you come to trust with the smallest, yet most fantastic items in your wardrobe.