Please Yourself! With our BRAND NEW Sensual Ceramic Playthings...

Oh hello you naughty bunch!
We're turning things up a notch with a selected drop of beautiful, shiny ceramic dildos & plugs... Aren't they brilliant!
You maybe familiar with such tools of pleasure, but if not, let us share some tips. Written with the expert help of Lucy, a talented lingerie seamstress who has had years of experience dealing with customer questions working in a well known  independent erotic-boutique in Brighton. 
What are they!?
Made from clay and glazed in rich tonal layers, these plugs and dildos are handmade pieces of art, crafted by a talented potter right here in the UK. 
Whilst these objects of desire would not look out of place sitting on display as an erotic art piece that hints towards your naughtier side, they are also carefully designed erotic toys, made to penetrate the anus, stimulate the prostate & provide an enjoyable feeling of fullness for the wearer. 
Are they safe?
Yes! These toys are non-porous and non-toxic, so are totally body safe, although we would advise not leaving in for extended periods of time. We check everything thoroughly, so your toys are safe to use in the condition we dispatch them in. Please check the toy for cracks or chips throughout its life, and do not use if there are any visible flaws. Continue to handle with care when not in use.
Only ever insert the toy up to the lip BEFORE the final stopper, this prevents a potentially embarrassing 'lost toy' scenario...
Why ceramic?
Not only is it a beautiful, unusual material that we love the look of, it also provides a feel unlike other plastic or silicone sex toys, or human anatomy. Glazed ceramic has a hard, weighty, smooth & cool (unless heated) surface, that can be extremely enjoyable as a new sensation. 
As ceramics will hold heat, you could even warm your toy in warm water, or cool with ice, for some fun temperature play!
Will it hurt?
If you've not explored anal sex or play previously and are nervous - Go slow, start small, and use plenty of lube. You do not need to use the whole toy first time, and it's always a good idea to warm up with a finger or two...
What else should I know?
Anal play can be messy! This is all part of exploring and playing, but if you want to be prepared, you could look into douching, go to the loo beforehand or put down a towel.
Would these work for women?
These toys would be great for anybody! People of all genders enjoy anal plugs and the dildos could also be used for vaginal stimulation - Never share your toy without cleaning first & clean after every use.
How to clean my toy?
An approved toy cleaner, or gentle detergent & warm soapy water will do the job, then leave to dry before storing. 
Are they one of a kind? 
At the moment, yes! This is our first capsule collection we have for sale and they are not stocked anywhere else. We will likely repeat popular styles, with different glazes, shapes & sizes depending on demand... so get in touch if you'd like anything specific!
Now you've had the lowdown, you can choose your new gorgeous plaything... ENJOY!





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