Mental Health and The Power of Small Things

With the year that we are all having, and the impact of restrictions on personal freedom, the notion of mental wellbeing and self-care has become more than just mildly annoying phrases on yoga websites. It is vital that we take note of the need to have the occasional lift out of the mundane and the tiring. 

In the past that lift was easier to get. We could go to the pub, the theatre, go to friends’ for dinner, have a city break, get a massage. All of these things are now harder to do, if possible at all. And that leaves us with work and home - if we are lucky. 

There is an impact to this, a palpable impact on your mental health. You may not notice it creeping up because you’re busy still, but in not having the little joys that kept you buoyant and looking forward, you may be slumping slightly. You begin to let go of the ritual and routine of preparing yourself for work or getting ready for a trip away - that could be the perfect shave, a haircut, waxing, the gym, new shoes, and you don’t have the release moments in the same way as before - the group BBQs, the pub crawl, the gig, the exhibition to look forward to. 

It is really important to stop and think about this. What are you able to offer yourself? Could you have a walk at lunchtime? - it really does work, it sounds way too simple to be an effective lift, but it is. Could you arrange to meet your little nephews on that hill near to them and try and get the kite to fly? Or surprise your partner / friend / neighbour by having a go at making a cake? It is quite remarkable how seemingly small gestures have a far greater effect on how you feel about yourself.

There’s a great free monthly calendar you can download from Action for Happiness which will give you ideas to dip into to help you to stay feeling good. They even have an app which will ‘nudge’ you to step out of your routine and keep things feeling positive. 

The small treats add up, and if you can treat yourself to stunning underwear, you will feel the difference that this small step brings. You feel an internal shift, a confidence and a sense of gratitude that you decided to honour your body with something special. You hold yourself up a bit. You feel prouder than before. 

We know that our clients find great joy in their orders from us. It makes us incredibly happy to pack up our beautiful handmade pieces and send them off to you. We know that they will bring confidence, validation, big smiles, and probably even bigger thrills; they will give you a freedom in your personal life that no one can take away from you, no matter what is happening outside.

It may seem such a trivial and small way to be buoyant in a tricky world climate, but looking after yourself must feature at some point.

You are worth it too. 

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  • Steve

    Thank you for the Blog it was very helpful at these times I suffer with chronic depression and anxiety and reading your Blog had helped me thank you

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