fishnet tights for men by Moot Lingerie for men
Men's legs in fishnet tights from thigh down crossed over and seen as if sitting on a chair.
foot seen from ankle down wearing black fishnet tights
man wearing fishnet tights and nothing else, seen from behind, waist down and plain white background.
man seen from chest down, one foot on transparent chair, long pointed legs, wearing only black fishnet tights.
man from waist down covering genitals with right hand, wearing black fishnet tights and nothing else.

Black Fishnet Tights

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If you want tights for men, a classic fishnet in the right size for you, with a perfectly matched elastic waistband, we have the pair. These gorgeously soft nets, made in Italy by Trasparenze, will highlight all your contours and shapes. They have cotton gussets and invisible seamed toes. Fishnets will never not be sexy and we have found the perfect version here. 


One size fits heights up to 6’3” as pictured here - although they will stretch for bodies wider than Jules, the fit may be affected. 


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