Man seen from the side, waist down, one leg up against the wall, wearing black sheer suspender tights with a simple sheer band design.
Man seen from ribs down, hanging in mid air with knees drawn up and pointed feet. Wearing sheer black suspender tights with simple band design, naked underneath.
Man's naked bottom seen from behind as a close up, wearing simple strap design suspender tights.
Man on tip toes seen from lower side on wearing sheer black suspender tights by Moot Lingerie for Men.
man on tip toes seen from waist down wearing nothing but sheer black suspender tights, covering genitals with right hand. Against a white background.
Man standing in open black sheer suspender tights, naked buttucks showing. white background.
man's bottom seen from behind wearing only black sheer suspender tights. Moot Lingerie for men.

Black Sheer Suspender Tights

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Suspender tights and open crutch tights all in one. These are the end word in simplicity of design. Made in Italy by Trasparenze, leaders in hosiery design since the 1980s, these lovely 15 Denier suspender tights are silky smooth, easy to wear, and with their flat seams, will give you the thrill of far more intricate underwear in one perfectly simple garment. 

Perfect for men who love wearing nylon and who love a classic design. 

One size fits heights up to 6’3” as pictured here - although they will stretch for bodies wider than Jules, the fit may be affected. 

Customer Reviews

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black sheer suspender tights

they fit good, I like them.

Stuart Hofer
Great tights shame about the packaging

I bought these as a gift for a friend. He said they were great quality but it was just a shame they were packaged as women’s tights. I thought the whole point of moot was that it was clothes for men. If I wanted women’s I could have ordered from M&S. Anyway at least the quality was good.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We hear what you are saying about the packaging and it is something we pondered over. We are too small at the moment to be able to afford our own re-packing on the items that we do not manufacture ourselves and we do make sure that our description of the tights makes it clear that they are made by Trasperenze, in Italy.

What we do is buy in products that we have tried and tested on men so that we know the fit is appropriate. We re-photograph the items in-house so that our customers can see the tights on a male body and see how they fit. The problem for us comes when the packaging has a female body on, do we unwrap and throw it away, or send in all the protective packaging as we receive it from Italy? We know that it is disappointing to feel, yet again, misrepresented in this - but we are working on it and one day, we hope that it will be 50 / 50 whether or not a supplier has a masculine or feminine front image. We would love to create our own slip covers too. All in time and all on our plans!

Thanks for your custom and for your feedback, it’s all really helpful.