Our Fabrics

Having exactly the right fabric for each piece is hugely important. Some of our collection is made from the exquisite French heritage lace that Jules fell in love with when he saw the expert workmanship in action at Calais' traditional lace-making heart. 

Some of our garments are made from a super-sheer mesh with exactly the right balance between hold and translucence. We also use tulle, the woven net associated with ballet and tutus, because it adds dynamic volume where we want to play with shapes. 

We have been lucky enough to have found a fantastic UK supplier of specialist contour fabrics, a father and son team who source brilliant and beautiful bolts of material which are often surplus to the demand of large design houses. That means that a great many of our materials are re-purposed by us for our smaller exclusive runs, and crucially, the fabric we use is neither wasted, nor energy lost in the recycling process.