The Emotional Impact of Lingerie

What I have come to realise over the past couple of years, working next to Jules and watching him create this groundbreaking lingerie for men, is that there is an extraordinary amount of emotion that is involved. 

It’s a source of frustration that we can’t share that depth of emotion fully, or even manage to properly capture the bits of it that pop up and surprise us day by day. The censorship that we encounter across all the social media platforms is indicative of the more general silencing and shaming of men who want to wear our kind of underwear. 

We can’t get across the real impact of what Moot Lingerie does for you in a square photograph on a grid, or even on our website. We do try to, with our Friday chats on Instagram, but we usually have something practical to tell you and it’s mostly a jolly little update, or product reveal and we don’t get too deeply into the feelings and responses ushered in by the act of wearing lingerie. We show you the beautiful shapes, we describe the physical feeling, but what happens beyond that? 

I didn’t really understand Jules at first, when he told me that wearing special underwear makes him feel a few inches taller when he walks into a room. How could stockings and suspenders do that to an already tall man? Why did those things make him feel any more powerful and good about himself? But having been around Moot for a good chunk of time now, and having had so many discussions with him about elements of the designs and why certain features are important, I can now understand it much more clearly. 

What Jules has longed for has never been ‘to be a woman’ or even, ‘to be like a woman’ - what he has wanted was to be able to decorate his own shape in a similarly exciting way to the underwear styles that he saw were being made for them. If women are allowed the beautiful cuts of fabric, the elegant strapping and the sensations of the special sorts of materials reserved for underwear, why are men completely denied access to a comparable experience? 

You will, most likely, have grown up knowing that you would not be allowed to even ask the question. You may have thought about what it might be like to dress up and decorate yourself in such an honouring way, but it is most likely that it will have felt like a ‘bad’ thought and one that you needed to hide. 

Most likely, you will assimilate with the status quo -  you will bury the idea and you will suppress your little interest, your wonder, and accept that you will never know what it is like to feel satin against your skin, to feel the tension in straps as you sit; you will never see yourself held in, shaped, cherished and supported by beautiful pieces of gorgeous fabrics that lead your eye to all the fabulous places. 

But the buried thought never quite goes away. And something in you has never been able to feel fully met. You need to try this out. You need to know if it will be as good as you think it will. So you find a place like Moot, where we understand EXACTLY what you are thinking and hoping. And you are free to try it out. And when you do, you will feel a good few inches taller. In fact, you will feel a million different things, all the things we wish we could tell you. You might feel the weight of other people’s suffocating rules being lifted from your shoulders. You might feel an incredible pride in yourself for being slightly rebellious and sticking two fingers up at a stupid set of dress rules that serves no purpose. You might also feel a great sense of pride in knowing how to look after yourself, how to honour your perfectly reasonable choice instead of punishing yourself by feeling guilty. 

We know how to evoke these amazing emotions with our designs. But don’t just take my word for it.

You can start by reading the reviews we have all across the website, 5 star verified customer reviews under so many of our products, this link will take you to see the 100% 5 star reviews for the Westwood.

There is a massive emotional response to our work and we are immensly proud of being able to help people to find that. 



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