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And it's sad. Sad because it is clear that while a big part of this is detrimental for our business and for male bodies to know that we are seen as 'dangerous', it's even more depressing to realise that the bigger underlying message here is that women's bodies are seen as objects to be viewed sexually by all of society, at all times, including being blindfolded and handcuffed in shop window displays on the High Street. Where are the community guidelines then?!   

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Why Wild Swimming is not so far from the Moot Experience

With Moot, we can trace a similar psychological benefit pattern for many of our customers who write to us and tell us about how they found us and what becoming a Moot wearer has given to them. Like cold open water swimming, it is hard to get in. It takes a bit of bravery. It is not easy to turn away from the comfort of a 'vanilla' unquestioning existence, where you are never going to raise an eyebrow of judgement. It requires a bit of steel. 

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The Confidence Paradox

We wanted to ask Ray at what point he acknowledged a desire to wear something that as a man, he wasn’t ‘supposed’ to wear, and how did he feel in himself?, firstly acknowledging it and later, acting upon it. We wanted to hear about his internal feelings, not how other people reacted, but what the impact was like for him. And why despite people calling it cross-dressing, we don't think it's cross-dressing at all! It's simply dressing. Damn fine dressing. 

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