Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves

It’s been a very interesting thing to witness - the growing number of women who are finding Moot and ordering our beautiful lingerie for men. It would seem that around three quarters of our sales are driven by women at the moment. 

We are always delighted when we see an order come through, in the way that small businesses notice each and every sale and still handwrite a message on every packing slip. We check our phones for new orders at night time and sneak looks when we are supposed to be on woodland walks with the kids. We love hearing from our customers regardless of gender, fullstop. 

But we were excited when we had our first order from a woman. It was a different thing somehow. It meant that we had either helped a woman who needed beautiful lingerie to fit her body type, or we were helping a woman to treat someone else in her life. Our first thought was how amazing! What a wonderful thing for any man to have a partner who not only accepted his choice in underwear, but who actively encouraged and supported him to have his choice, his fantasy, his dreams. 

Jules called this a ‘green light’ action - giving the go ahead to the guy to wear what he wants. Definitely an indicator of a fabulously healthy relationship if we are interpreting the order in the way that we have imagined. However, it didn’t immediately dawn on us that we were doing women a huge disservice in our default presumptions that they were simply allowing their partners to have their fantasies and not actually being the driving force behind the choice. 

What if our women who are buying for men are NOT passive green-lighters enabling the male, but rather, are the sexual captains of the relationship and it is their fantasy that is driving the choice? This was an absolute epiphany for us! How wonderful! Where we often hear the buzz that our male clients are stepping into homoerotic experiences (and if, so what?), we love the idea that our female clients might just be doing the same - leading the love play, closing their eyes and allowing that blurred line between fantasy and reality with the touch of lace and the silky stroke of stockings, dressing their partner to be part of their homoerotic playtime. Gripping a peachy lacy-clad bum cheek, twanging a satin strap, running an outstretched palm over suspender clips. 

Fantasy and reality are different realms, both valid, both important parts of being a human. What a wonderful thing to be able to dip into a bit of both in your life and to be able to share that with someone you trust. 

Moot loves all the lovers! Irrespective of gender, orientation, persuasion, preference. We never ask and it is not our business to know why you buy from Moot.

What we do love though is learning that there are many more nuances to our customers’ motivations than people, including us, might initially think.  

It is a beautiful, bold, complex tapestry, being a human and we like to think we can support a tiny part of the thrilling moments you will have as you travel along learning about yourself and what makes you excited. 


  • Giu

    Great to hear business is picking up! Love to hear that women are supporting, and taking control. It shouldn’t be a one sided relationship. Fluidity in sexuality is wonderful. A man or a woman do not always need to be dominante, but finding a balance can be exciting. At the same time strong women are sexy. Clothing should be fluid, sometimes it may be how you feel that day or just one’s comfort in clothing. Clothes do make the man/woman/and all shades in between. There is nothing like good quality foundation garments to wrap your body in. ❤️

  • @jason_c_model

    Just a quick follow up to my last comment, although I have been commercial modelling for quite some years now, it is only within the last two years that I have had the moral support required to step out into the non binary and gender fluid commercial world.
    I would like to thank Moot for their support along the way, they have been instrumental in raising awareness surrounding the subject of non binary underwear. The belief that clothing in general should not be gender specific apart from physiological requirements is something that Moot champion. Good work Moot! xx @jason_c_model

  • Jason_c_model

    Amazing blog, times are looking good at the wonderful Moot. Perhaps the passing very troubled year will inspire self reflection and cause a sense of re-evaluation for many people to become more self authentic. Let’s hope so! xxx Jason_c_model

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