Where The Wilde Things Are.

"The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another”

(Sendak, Maurice. Where The Wild Things Are. New York :HarperCollins Publishers)

With our 'Wilde things', there’s definitely potential for your own beautiful bit of mischief... but it hasn’t always been so.

The Wilde has seen a huge evolution since its first incarnation as a high-waisted, skirted pair of knickers - but somehow, when it was made, it just didn’t feel right. It lacked energy and soul. However, given a bit of time and as I found my inner confidence, the Wilde became a really important piece, a statement as uncompromising as it is daring.

A few years ago, while I was drawing, learning and testing the reactions of the people who had heard about my dream to launch Moot, I found that the more I heard, “But men don’t wear fancy underwear!” the more I was driven to create something so vital, so bold, and so breathtakingly kinky.

Instead of reducing my ideas to better fit what was expected, I started to ask myself just how much further I could take it.

The Wilde is really important to me; I knew I had to make sure that it was original. I wasn’t going to be content with replicating something that had come before. It’s much more than layers of black tulle. It’s the absolute juxtaposition of masculine and feminine. It’s putting all your masculinity up front, out on show.

The lines of the overlapping fabric in the front panels lead the eye to the unmissable glory, but there’s also the unmistakable softness, the 'ballet' aesthetic, the vulnerability and the beauty.

The Wilde is pure costume.

And it expects a performance.

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