Values, Prices and Promises

Recently, we created a questionnaire for our subscribers and the results have been instrumental in taking the next important step for Moot, to broaden our client base and to enable many more men the opportunity to realise their desires when it comes to underwear.

Moot is built firmly on certain principles. We value fair pay for everyone at every stage of creating our designs, top quality materials and the drive to bring beautiful, sensual men’s underwear out into the light, striving to normalise this choice that so many of us wish to see. Being on an uncompromising path means that our designs have a certain cost to create, they contain real values and we have immense pride in Moot.

We have been fortunate to have launched and immediately garnered interest from the press, we have already found a wonderful foundation for our client base; you are a quickly growing band of Mootiful men (and women - we have female customers, too) from all around the world, and this fantastic level of interest and growth has allowed us to look very quickly at how we can restructure our pricing to be able to make Moot a fabulous feature within more men’s wardrobes.

Moot will always be about quality of design; about pushing old boundaries to create beautiful and playful styles made to celebrate your masculinity in the most thrilling ways - that will not be changing. Our production values remain absolutely the same, but as we grow, we want to make Moot as accessible as we can to all men who want that choice.

We are able to do this now, and so, as we promised ourselves, we will.

Moot is not about being static.

Hence, we are going to pass on the benefit of our early growth, to our clients.

And every single one of our original customers is going to be personally emailed a special discount code to thank them for allowing us to get to the point where we could make this happen.

Have a new look at our pricing structure and see if Moot is suddenly, even sexier somehow...

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