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Building a Community

‘Work is love made visible, and if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take of those who work with joy’ Khalil Gibran Forgive me for quoting Gibran, but it’s so true. It has to be. It is the only way. I had been mulling over the idea of starting Moot for years but it had always been sidelined because of family commitments, work commitments and a host of other reasons that seemed like good enough reasons not to do it. In fact, what was actually stopping me was confidence. If I was going to start a business based on...

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Why Moot?

moot /muːt/ adjective subject to debate - "a moot point" 2. having little or no practical relevance, "the whole matter is becoming increasingly moot" verb raise (a question or topic) for discussion; suggest (an idea or possibility). Our name was chosen not only because it’s a great word but also because it hints at what Julian thinks about wearing lingerie; it’s simply a choice of material and cut. In a way it has no more of a bearing on the rest of your life than your choice of shirt or socks. It shouldn’t be what defines you. It should not be troubling or ‘odd’ to have your own choice of whatever underwear you prefer. If you want boxer shorts, great!...

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The Making of Moot.

All the pieces in the Moot collection are designed and made in The UK. They started life as beautiful drawings in Jules’ Sussex home and were eventually realised in Yorkshire, which has long been the county at heart of the British textile industry. The perfect materials for each garment were chosen in order to ensure that the feel, fit and required strength would be just right. Jules travelled just over the English Channel to Calais, the centre of the lace-making tradition in France, and was blown away by the beauty and the pride in the craftsmanship at the factories still using the antique mechanical processes to produce lace of exceptional beauty and quality. As a metalworker, Jules was as mesmerised...

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