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The Emotional Impact of Lingerie

But the buried thought never quite goes away. And something in you has never been able to feel fully met. You need to try this out. You need to know if it will be as good as you think it will. So you find a place like Moot, where we understand EXACTLY what you are thinking and hoping. And you are free to try it out. And when you do, you will feel a good few inches taller. In fact, you will feel a million different things, all the things we wish we could tell you. 

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In The News!

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to tell more of the world about our men’s lingerie, and occasionally feel a bit held back by the strict restrictions on underwear ads, but instead of wallowing, we had a think back to everything we have done in the past couple of years and quick peek at Google helped us to see that we are being talked about, left, right and centre! 

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What is Gender Non-Conforming?

Moot is gender non-conforming because we wholly reject the idea that any assigned or accepted gender should prevent a human from having the freedom to choose the fabric and style that they wish to wear. We will not conform with a ‘rule’ that we must wear boxers or briefs, and they must be cotton and 'manly' and have big elastic logos with SPORTS words and they must be in neutral colours only. Blurgh. We will not conform. 

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