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Your Lingerie-Wearing Stories

Another beautifully brave personal history from a Moot customer. We welcome submissions from anyone who has a story to share. In creating Moot, we aim to share that you are not alone if you love lingerie and have a masculine shape. We exist! Here is a piece of writing from a customer who wanted to share his experience of a life-long love of lingerie. Huge thanks from Moot.    ------------------------------------   It would be nice to be normal. Wouldn't it? Or would it? Sometimes I think so, but never for long. My wife says I am incapable of being normal. She says I am pathologically driven to go a different way. She often walks a little behind me in crowd...

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We Need You!

Times are tough for small businesses everywhere… Have you or someone you know got a great link, connection or knowledge that can help us thrive?! As part of our amazing community, you are already doing much to support our little business and reach more like-minded people. However, just like many small businesses right now - it’s not an easy ride for us at Moot HQ. We’ve faced social media bans, pandemics, and financial crises all in our first 3 years of business, and we continue to find it difficult to get in front of the right people - despite knowing that we have a great product and that there is a passionate and mould-breaking community out there! So now, we’re...

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Different Types of Lingerie For Men

Now, this is going to be a very subjective distinction and some people aren’t going to see a distinction at all. This last category I consider to be ‘lingerie, cut for men’s bodies, using styles and fabrics that were stereotypically described as feminine’. The difference is this: lingerie in this category is for people who see themselves as male and want to portray themselves as males; whereas lingerie in the previous category is for people who wish to make themselves look more feminine, possibly even to the point where they pass as women. The distinction comes from intention, whether they intend to look more feminine or masculine*. Brands in this category include Moot…

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Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves

It’s been a very interesting thing to witness - the growing number of women who are finding Moot and ordering our beautiful lingerie for men. It would seem that around three quarters of our sales are driven by women at the moment.  We are always delighted when we see an order come through, in the way that small businesses notice each and every sale and still handwrite a message on every packing slip. We check our phones for new orders at night time and sneak looks when we are supposed to be on woodland walks with the kids. We love hearing from our customers regardless of gender, fullstop.  But we were excited when we had our first order from a...

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Why Wild Swimming is not so far from the Moot Experience

With Moot, we can trace a similar psychological benefit pattern for many of our customers who write to us and tell us about how they found us and what becoming a Moot wearer has given to them. Like cold open water swimming, it is hard to get in. It takes a bit of bravery. It is not easy to turn away from the comfort of a 'vanilla' unquestioning existence, where you are never going to raise an eyebrow of judgement. It requires a bit of steel. 

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