Why Moot Needs You

We need you!

It has been an eventful year since we first hit ‘live’ on our first website -  13 months and 3 web versions ago. We had no idea, of course, what was just around the corner for the world, and we think we have navigated the pandemic as well as any new start up. What has been harder for us, and is not the experience of ‘any new start up’ is the near impossibility of being seen. 

You’re incredibly important to us because you’re here; by some good fortune you have found us and you like us! 

We know that there are thousands of you out there, men and women who are bored of boxers and are far too fabulous for Y fronts, and we have had the most wonderful reviews and emails from customers who are thrilled to find that they are not alone when it comes to wanting beautiful underwear that fits. 

But because men do not generally chat about their intimate lives, Moot doesn’t get the ‘customer sharing’ thing happening. 

Another way of finding our audience is through Facebook and Instagram ads which we have strangely been banned from. Female shapes in lingerie is fine, Male shapes however, is another story.

We write press releases every week to radio programs, magazines, newspapers, bloggers, TV programs. We were so close to being interviewed on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ by Philip Schofield and Holly Whilloughby, but the programme’s lawyers pulled it at the last minute as they worried about OFCOM. It’s only material! And that was exactly what we were excited to say to the world! 

It does seem extraordinary to us that the attitude exists to make it so challenging to depict a male body adorned with the same kind of stuff that covers female bodies on billboards, in huge ads in every department store and in countless scenes on every screen in every home in the entire world. 

We do know that you are here though and we are very happy about that! Delighted that you have found us. Some of you have been customers, some of you might in the future and some of may decide never to wear Moot, but you are still here and we are really grateful for that support. 

Obviously, in order to survive we need to get sales, but there is more to us than that alone. We are also here to challenge arbitrary rules about what you want to wear and to support people who may feel marginalised who see something of themselves in Moot. 

There are many other ways that you might be able to help us if you can. Here are a couple of ways that would be just fantastic:

  • Following us on Instagram @the.moot.revolution and sharing any of the content to your posts or your stories. SAVING our posts! This is Instagram’s No 1 way of recognising an account and promoting it higher in the natural algorithms (we are not allowed paid content) 
  • Following us on facebook @thisismoot and SHARING any of our posts, especially sharing links to our website in any groups that you think would ‘get’ us. 
  • Following us on Twitter @WeAreMoot and retweeting any of the content.


  • Sharing links to our website in any Reddit forums etc.


  • Telling your cool journalist mate about us! 


  • Sharing what we do with women as well as men - just over half the sales are to women who are so positive about the aesthetic of a masculine form in such gorgeous underwear. 


  • Following us on Pinterest @wearemoot and saving our pins / sharing our pins. 


  • Emailing us with any good ideas you have - as events are coming back to life, what do we need to know? Where should we be? Who would love Moot? 

We know that this is a lot to ask. But we think that we deserve to be seen and for men everywhere to have another option. It’s only material! 

Thank you so very much. If you can do any of these things, drop us a line and let us know, we would love to be able to thank you. 

The world needs Moot! More choice for humans! 

The shape of things to come! Underwear equality! 


  • Dust

    Now I would like to buy. And I do wear such items on your website or similar. However I feel they are a bit too feminine. I like wearing hold ups, and sheer tops and some tight lill’ pants, I think you are coming into this underwear more from the feminine side as opposed to a muscaline side. Svenjoyment with a little more lace and sheer is what could be good and could be a better angle.
    Svenjoyment has what I am after but is very limited, a similar bigger range could be done.
    As a man I would like to wear,
    and do, sexy clothes just don’t want to look like a butch woman.

  • Simon

    Hi Guys! Heard about you on Talk Radio. You might want to consider setting up an affiliate program to help spread the word. I would join and promote as I run a gay-themed website. Just a thought.

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