We Need You!

Times are tough for small businesses everywhere… Have you or someone you know got a great link, connection or knowledge that can help us thrive?!
As part of our amazing community, you are already doing much to support our little business and reach more like-minded people.
However, just like many small businesses right now - it’s not an easy ride for us at Moot HQ. We’ve faced social media bans, pandemics, and financial crises all in our first 3 years of business, and we continue to find it difficult to get in front of the right people - despite knowing that we have a great product and that there is a passionate and mould-breaking community out there!
So now, we’re coming to you lovely lot to ask… Can you help us?!
Maybe you work in media and can score Jules a brilliant interview, or you understand the ins and outs of marketing like the back of your hand, maybe you can share us with a friend or two who might be interested?
Every little helps - and we’d love to hear from you if you’ve got any feedback from your own experience shopping with us, positive and negative, it’s all useful so please don’t be shy!
You can get in touch with us via email hello@mootlingerie.com
or Message us on Instagram @the.moot.revolution
We hope with the help of our wonderful community we can continue to keep
bringing gorgeous knickers and lingerie options to you, and others like you, for many years to come.
Much love, The Moot Team X

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