Size Matters!

Big changes to Moot sizing!

Although we have always been absolutely committed to being size-inclusive and making our customers whatever bespoke size they require at no additional cost, we realised that this actually, was not the best way to be inclusive. It still created a barrier for anyone wanting a larger size because they were required to go through an additional process of contacting us to organise the size they needed. 

We have decided to make it, simply, an automatic process by adding a much wider range of sizes up front on the website. Our lingerie is all handmade and we have regularly been asked to size our patterns up to and including 46” waist so that is what we have rolled out across our designs. 

Our vest tops and bodysuits are also available in extra sizes too. The designs will all be graded up and will begin the cutting and sewing process for you as soon as they are ordered. We do advise that there can be up to a 10 day wait while your pieces are prepared and made, but very often it is quicker than this. 

If you have ever felt frustrated that Moot was too small for you, please have another look! We would love to make something gorgeous for you. 

We do not want to waste the stock of size labels that we have already have printed, so while we transition over to our new sizing system, you may find that your Moot lingerie still has one of the existing labels. This chart will help you to see how they compare.

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  • Kirk Rhodes

    Thank you for what you do.

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