Losing our Lingerie

Losing our Lingerie

Right! We have made a proper big decision this week. 

We are losing the lingerie. We are stepping into the Revolution. 

Suddenly, it’s startlingly clear that we should never have been using the word in the first place. Lingerie is an old word from the french term for ‘linen’ and was adopted by the English to avoid having to cause embarrassment when mentioning the ‘unmentionable’ 

We are not in the business of hiding what we stand for. And as much as we love the aesthetic of women’s designs, we are not making underwear for women.  We have used elements of the language of lingerie design, but we are creating sensationally exciting pieces for a man’s body. We don’t want to be confused with underwear for women. There are so many designers creating pieces for the traditional female form, we are stepping in, to provide a choice for those who identify as male but who enjoy the thrill of something way more than the mundane. 

Naming our items is harder than we thought and we are not even talking about the product inspiration names, like ‘Wilde’ and ‘Stardust’ - that bit is easy and exciting - we are talking about the basic, ‘What even are these?’ names.  We need our market to be able to find them in the vast swirl of the internet.

We know that the names we use may well not be the ones that you use, what we call a brief, you may call knickers, or pants. When we say ‘open’, you may say ‘ouvert’ or ‘crotchless, open bum, peep-hole’ - you may say ‘panties, thong, jock, string, g-string, micro-brief, sissy pants, tanga, body, cami, sexy undies, lacy pants, hot boxers, strappy briefs’ - there’s a huge range of terminology and due to the fact that men have not had high street shops printing out packaging and in-store signage for decades to homogenise the terms, we are all left using different names for the same thing. 

What we feel is right for us is to use the word underwear. That’s what this is. Pure and simple. It’s what you wear under other things. It’s a small revolution, away from what you’re expected to do. Slowly, we are taking down our lingerie and pinning up our revolution. The Moot Revolution. 

And although we want to tell you how fantastic our underwear is, we actually don’t want to make a massive drama out of something that we feel should be just ‘a thing that you are allowed’, if that’s what you prefer. We don’t believe that we should be ‘specialist’ or ‘underground’ in any way. We don’t need a fancy word to define us. We make underwear. Men’s underwear. 

It may be vastly more beautiful than most men’s underwear, but we can live with that. 


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