Frilly Knickers for Him, Them or Her

If you want a show-stopping pair of the best sexy knickers that have ever been designed, then have a good look at the Tutu Wilde - A stunning open brief with tulle tutu sides and layered mesh panel work. 

The Tutu Wilde was made for drama, for performance and pure fantasy. We were determined to make a respectful version of a luxurious female overt. It had to be a real move away from the cheap and novelty items that seem to be ubiquitous in the men’s underwear world. We deserve something far more beautiful.  The Wilde is beautifully made, it’s made to fit you and to respect your desire to have an equivalent level of luxury, rather than a humourous misfit.

It has seen a huge evolution since its first incarnation as a high-waisted, skirted pair of knickers - It’s much more than layers of black tulle. It’s the absolute juxtaposition of masculine and feminine. It’s putting all your masculinity up front, out on show. The lines of the overlapping fabric in the front panels lead the eye to the unmissable glory, but there’s also the unmistakable softness, the 'ballet' aesthetic, the vulnerability and the beauty.

The Wilde is pure costume and it expects a performance.

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